What is PhiShading?

PhiShading is considered a specialty technique that emphasizes the eyebrows. It covers many topics and issues, including some solutions that haven’t been previously considered by other techniques in the segment. Since microblading has been available, we’ve been experimenting to help it reach a higher level, which gives it new dimensions, enhances eyebrow definition, and makes the eyebrows look more natural.

With so much going on, it led us to develop PhiShading, which represents a method to provide clients with a more realistic and natural-looking result than before. It’s requested frequently by clients, and the technique is manual, so it allows you to visually create a natural look, as with smooth shading, to go over and between the spine and hairs, allowing for more dimension and natural thickness of the eyebrows.

The PhiShading educational program is an advanced concept, which takes you through each step so that you can master the art of microblading with all its finesses to help you get the best results in the treatment. Through the structure of the educational program, you get the chance to practice and learn the theory behind the program to master this artwork to its fullest. With such a structured concept, the educational material guides you through the processes step-by-step, which gradually prepares you to use your maximum potential to gain all the knowledge you’ll need from the basics through the advanced levels. Read on to see a detailed listing of what the education offers and the order in which it is, giving you a better understanding of how the process works.

The first part of the program covers a variety of topics that can help you learn the basics in the field, such as:

  • Creating natural hair strokes using microblading

  • Adjusting the precision and depth for pigment applications

  • Workplace and equipment hygiene standards

  • Client Counselling

  • Eyebrow adjustments using the golden ratio

  • Skin issues and ways to solve them

  • Pigment theory

  • Choosing the right colour

You’ll also learn how to correctly handle all the tools for microblading, learn about colour durability, and understand maintenance factors that can affect how long the color lasts. You can also learn about the stroke connections/density, as well as the form/position of the strokes to help you create long-lasting, beautiful eyebrows.

Afterward, you continue delving into the topic to learn how microblading and shading combine to create a new standard within the industry. Therefore, you can learn about the proper covering of the old PMU through shading, create new patterns, learn about soft shading, learn the combinations of strokes and shading, and learn how to fix the contours of the eyebrows. You can also learn about the Asian shading style, as well. Along with such, you can learn how to add shade for clients with alopecia and help clients with little eyebrow hair left. The training also shows you how to utilise the shading techniques for clients with unbalanced hairs in the brows, which can result in inconsistency. You learn how to fix that problem using soft shading in those areas.

Kit Included

Kit Included

  • U-Blade 10pcs
  • 3 Round Blade 10 pcs
  • Double Blade 10 pcs
  • 5 Round Blade 10pcs
  • Premium Color 3pcs
  • Universal Holder 1pc
  • PhiShield Skin Candy 50pcs
  • PhiWipes Asept


There are 2 type of courses:

  1. Online Training

  2. Live Training