How Does PhiPerfection Work and What Is It?

As an artist, you are constantly in pursuit of perfecting and honing your skills. It’s a constant process throughout your journey as an artist. Because we were driven by philosophy for daily improvement, we have created PhiPerfection, which is lead by Crystal Vongphrachanh, a Master Trainer. PhiPerfection embodies our philosophy of always learning and never stopping that process. It shows you that succeeding and excellence aren’t just destinations but journeys that are never going to end. The primary focus with PhiPerfection is to show you that learning and training don’t stop once you attain your certification, regardless of whether it is microblading or anything that you hope to master in life. Once you’ve gotten that certification, you should be more motivated to sharpen your skills and improve on them so that you’re being a responsible adult and can reach higher levels. PhiPerfection offers advanced training in the eyebrow drawing area. It’s designed for artists who have already learned microblading and desire to expand on their knowledge of the industry. It can help you unlock new options and ideas in the microblading world.

PhiPerfection tries to portray an important aspect, which is to ensure that you know microblading isn’t just a one-time process. It never ends; if you plan to work with microblading, it’s essential that you commit to always upgrading your skills, practicing, researching, and progressing in the field. It’s not something that you can learn once and immediately find it comfortable to do without fear. It’s a process that requires persistent growth. After learning about microblading, you must then perfect the skills and learn the more advanced techniques while keeping up with technological advancements over time. The world changes frequently, and the trends are likely to changes, as well. Therefore, you have to anticipate these changes and not be afraid of them to grow. One of the biggest challenges of the PhiPerfection education is to improve on your technique to make it easier to do your job, enrich your service options, and keep on trend with your client’s demands. Everyone is different, and beauty is highly diverse, so we all have to ensure we have plenty of options available for our clients.

PhiPerfection is a more advanced training option and is available online and live through the Craft Master, which is our unique educational system. It’s a tool that helps you and monitors your progress for up to three months with no conditions. You can get the confidence you require to become a more experienced artist while it teaches you to hone your technique and skills. You’ll also learn about skin issues and structure.

PhiPerfection is more than just training; it’s a highly educational and motivational program to help you bring value to the world as an artist.

Course Kit Inclusion

Course Kit Inclusion

  • Stroke Marker 1pc
  • PhiBrows Marker Pen 1pc
  • PhiShield Skin Candy 50 pcs
  • Disposable tool 3pcs
  • Latex 3pcs
  • Anti shock 2pcs

There are 2 type of courses:

  1. Online Training

  2. Live Training