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The ‘bold-brow look’ of today is one of the most requested options available. Many clients desire to have these services so that their eyebrows look that way. As far as trends go, this technique can give you fuller-looking, bolder eyebrows with just a hint of an arch. It’s an excellent way to achieve a youthful, fresher look. To create the right bold-brow pattern requires that you have advanced training with professional mentoring and guidance. Because this technique is so popular and interest is high, we have created the Bold Brows online educational system, which can guide you on how to master this particular technique without any limits on registration deadlines or location. Therefore PhiAcademy Bold Brows is an educational system that’s available worldwide.

The primary benefits of this educational system include saving money on travel while learning from your home, regardless of when, time, or where you are. You can enroll in this program anytime you feel that you are ready to do so. If you can’t travel to the classroom, we’ll bring the classroom to you. The Online Bold Brows program provides everything you need and everything from the live education system, though it is presented through our special learning system. It’s an interactive and fun way to learn; you submit your practices and works to the mentor while mastering all the aspects of this bold brows technique.

When you participate in this education, you get the Bold Brows starter kit and access to the Craft Master Application for Bold Brows, which contains a variety of materials and lectures to help you through the learning process. You also get unconditional support for a full three months. During this time, you get daily communication with Crystal Vongphrachanh, a Craft Master, anytime it’s needed. She can monitor your progress while helping you learn about the technique.

This training option covers a variety of topics, many of which weren’t covered with other programs. You can learn how to create various bold-brow patterns, including:

  • Soft bold

  • Spine 6 bold

  • Asian bold styles

  • Extreme bold male brows

  • Many more

The lectures cover the right way to pick the thickness and shape so that it is proportionate to the face. It also gives you the education you need to create tiny miniature hairs, which are drawn between the lower hairline to achieve the thick bold-brow look. That way, you can fill in the areas that look empty or sparse. Bold Brows education also provides training to help you create S-curved strokes, which is a unique skill that can help you create a bold brown when clients have over-plucked their eyebrows. You can achieve a natural stroke while staying current with the latest trends in your field.

The Bold Brows program is open for students throughout the world. As long as you have a passion for learning something new and developing your skills, you can benefit from this program. It’s not required for you to be a PhiBrows student, though you do need the fundamental microblading knowledge and a desire to learn a new skill. This program is available for experienced professionals and beginners. You can submit your work and practice when it suits your needs regardless of where you are or what time it is, which allows you to manage your lifestyle. The self-management aspect of the program allows you to feel how it would be to manage clients and your own business. Once you’ve completed the education, you get a certificate of attendance for Bold Brows, which can be added to your professional portfolio.

The natural brow style is currently dominating all the trends for the bold brow style, so it’s here to stay. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn about this technique and hone your skills.

Kit Included

Kit Included

  • 4x disposable PhiBrush tool eccentric
  • 1x skin candy ( 50 pieces)
  • 3x blank skin simulation
  • 1x block tonic whipes
  • 1x phi asept wipes (20 pieces)
  • 1x self adhesive pigment container
  • 1x higi mask
  • 1x pencil shape



There are 2 type of courses:

  1. Online Training

  2. Live Training

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