Crystal Von

Crystal Von

I began my journey in Microblading in 2014 without any prior experience completing my first training in Malaysia with a background in International Business. From then I began working at home and building my clientele until I discovered PhiBrows and introduced myself to my Master Vesna Jugovic online.

In 2015 I hosted Vesna Jugovic and Diana Hvas in the first ever PhiBrows training in Australia. PhiBrows was definitely a game changer in my life. After upgrading my Microblading skills with PhiBrows and shortly advancing to Royal Artist in March 2016 I was one of 55 artists to achieve this title.

In September 2016, I flew to Belgrade, Serbia to attend the second PhiBrows Master Class where I was then surprisingly appointed Australia's first PhiBrows Master. This was one of the greatest achievements in my career and I went from not only a Microblading artist but a trainer from one of the most outstanding academics in the world -PhiAcademy.

From 2016 I have trained over 500 students across Australia and New Zealand, witnessing many of my students grow into successful artists and some even Royal Artists. Growing up I have always loved art and being able to create things from scratch however, as an adult I was never able to use this in my everyday life.

I believe Microblading is true art in its own form which takes a lot of practice to perfect the skill with the right set of tools and guidance. The greatest aspect in the learning process is the support from your trainer as I strongly agree I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the guidance I received as a student..