Crystal Vongphrachanh

About Me

PhiBrows Microblading Master

My name is Crystal Vongphrachanh I am a PhiBrows Microblading Master representing PhiAcademy in Australia. My career in eyebrows began in 2014 when I realised I wanted to pursue a career in something I was passionate about. While in my final year of completing my degree in International Business I felt something was missing, that I had lost my artistic flare and wasn't able to use my creativity in my everyday work. It wasn't until I discovered the art of Microblading while it was still fairly new in the Australian market that I decided to complete my first Microblading course in Malaysia without any prior beauty experience. As a child I loved anything to do with creativity. I was always finding a new hobby or activity to do, from nail art design, to designing bouquets to beading classes. I loved drawing and as growing up never got to express myself creatively. After setting up my home salon and building my clientele and business in Microblading I soon discovered PhiBrows and was drawn to their unique stroke pattern and introduced myself to Master Vesna Jugovic.

I hosted the very first PhiBrows training with Vesna Jugovic and Diana Hvas in 2015 also completing the course myself. PhiBrows was the biggest game changer in my career. When I upgraded my skills with PhiBrows, I quickly advanced to the Royal Artist title in 2016. I was 1 of 55 artists to have achieved that title at that time. Shortly after my new title, I was awarded my PhiBrows Master title at the annual PhiBrows Masterclass in Belgrade, Serbia, being the first Master in Australia.

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My Goal for You

My passion is to help others achieve their goals and become a successful microblading artist. I know it takes dedication and alot of support from a trainer to achieve these goals and hope I can inspire students to always grow as an artist. In my early years of my career, before training with PhiBrows, I felt so lost, not knowing how to become a better artist and continually being faced with challenges, having noone to ask what I am doing wrong or how I can give my clients better results. My Master, Vesna Jugovic really inspires me to become a great Master. She helped me become a great artist and Master always motivating me and giving me all the knowledge I needed. My goal is to give my students the best support they need during their learning journey and help them overcome the fears and challenges I had myself as a beginner. Nothing is more valuable than the support of your trainer and I really believe PhiAcademy offers the best support system through our follow on course through CraftMaster. It is not only support, it is an entire platform filled with assessments, lectures, demonstrations and explanations for every detail about the treatment.

PhiAcademy offers an eyebrow microblading course, which helps you create beauty by giving your customers fuller eyebrows. We understand that you lead a hectic lifestyle, so our microblading training is designed to save time.

Our microblading course is divided into many small sections, and each one is taught separately. That way, you don’t feel overwhelmed.

About Phi Academy

PhiAcademy creates beauty through golden intersection proportions (phi -1.618). We see perfection in the golden intersection between two extremes. With respect to the modern lifestyle, our studies are designed in such a way to save precious time and provide maximum surveillance and maximum available information at the same time. We know that you can learn everything if the material is divided into small portions that are taught separately.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a technique to enhance the appearance of your client’s eyebrows. The pigment is implanted into the client"s skin, in fine hair strokes that resemble hair. A
microblading blade is used to achieve the desired look.

Microblading is a manual skill that cannot be perfected in 2 days. Our course primarily focuses of perfecting the technique and stroke pattern before beginning clients. On average a student will graduate within 3 months with everyday practice, close communication with myself and being dedicated to achieving their goals. There are many microblading courses available across Australia and if you are uncertain which course is the right one for you I highly recommend questioning your potential trainer what additional support they offer after completing the live training. It is very important to accentuate that in order to perfect this technique you will be adequate training and support. Confidence in the technique will be achieved while progressing with practice.

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